hal.internet.selenium package


hal.internet.selenium.forms module

Some utils methods for a selenium web-driver

class hal.internet.selenium.forms.SeleniumFormFiller(browser)[source]

Bases: object

Methods to deal with selenium web-drivers

fill_form_field(field_name, field_value)[source]

Fills given field with given value

  • field_name – name of field to fill
  • field_value – value with which to fill field
fill_login_form(username, username_field, user_password, user_password_field)[source]

Fills form with login info

  • username – user login
  • username_field – name of field to fill with username
  • user_password – login password
  • user_password_field – name of field to fill with user password

Submits form

Parameters:button_name – name of button to press to submit form